“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” – Brene Brown

A traumatic and painful divorce for me, made the importance of living closer to family even more obvious. In 2015, my two young daughters and I moved to Colorado from Louisiana.  This transition was a profoundly difficult time for me and my children.  Although friends and family were supportive, no one seemed to be able to emotionally join me in my pain.  Being alone with my thoughts felt like a mental void and gave me a deep sense of loneliness.  Through trauma work with a social worker, I was able to process what had happened, and regain the skills I needed to recover from my past.
Using my educational background in human medicine, I worked as an emergency medical technician for one year. As an EMT, there were multiple occasions where I found myself invited into a patient’s emotional void.  That void, which after my own experience was so familiar and easily recognizable.  Patients in their life’s worst moments, invited me to join them emotionally.  I sat with them, in the place where I had felt an emptiness during my own trauma.  This shared connection deeply humbled me and drew me to my life’s work. Through some shared level of experience, I discovered my unique ability to emotionally connect with clients.
Today, this level of emotional connection is the bedrock of my private practice. You can see my services here.

Professional Mission:

Emotional armor gives the illusion of safety, but it blocks the holder’s ability to connect with others, or even themselves. It is also heavy, bulky, and exhaustive.  Sometimes it takes all the energy a person has, just to carry their own armor around every day. My mission is to provide an opportunity for clients to hang up their armor at the door, and to be truly seen for an hour. I listen to my clients with passion and reverence. I believe this is how we all want to be heard. My mission is to create a space for my clients to breathe, be curious, and be who they are without suffocation.  I guide clients as they develop tools, skills, and daily practices which support them in returning to the world wearing less armor.

Educational Background:

Erica holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology, specializing in human medicine, along with a minor in chemistry.  She has a master’s degree in social work, specializing in children, youth and families.