“Erica Hubbard assisted our family during a difficult chapter in our lives.  Attending Family Therapy with two reluctant teenagers is not an easy task.  Erica’s compassionate and comfortable demeanor developed trust and encouraged participation from the entire family.  Overall everyone felt understood and properly listened-to.  I highly recommend Erica.”
– J.H., Previous client
“I’ve been struggling with eating disorder behaviors for over 20 years now and have seen several therapists off and on without much progress in addressing those behaviors. I started to see Erica regularly about 6 months ago and let me tell you, she’s made a world of difference in my life! Her approach to therapy is so down-to-earth and accessible and you can tell she genuinely cares. Working with Erica and utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy has been a life altering experience and one I grateful to continue.”
– T.F., Current client
“Erica Hubbard is an incredibly kind, smart, compassionate and astute woman. She has an ability to see what others are going through and an innate desire to show up and be there for them in their time of need. Her greatest skill lies in how she does all this whilst incorporating her sense of humor, wit and light perspective on life. She has a presence that others can’t help but been drawn to. She certainly is both a special person and professional.”
– Amy Attenborough, Colleague 
“Erica is just amazing! I’ve been a client of hers for over a year, and hopefully will be for life! She’s truly helping me translate past beliefs to allow me to be in the present. CBT is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
-P.H. current client 
“I’ve never done therapy before and Erica is the first person I have talked to about the things I go through, and I’m glad I chose her, she understands me and almost reads my mind, she makes me feel completely comfortable and makes me feel like I’m talking to my best friend, it’s a good feeling to not only get things off your chest but to have insight on things that you could do to help yourself. I love working with Erica! She’s sweet, understanding and so helpful! I look forward to seeing her every week!!”
-N.T. current client 
“I have taken my “tween” daughter to a few different therapists over the years, and was never quite satisfied with the sessions, I felt like a time slot and not a person. Erica was suggested to me by other moms and I see why. She cares. She cares about my daughter, our family, and our mental health. Erica alters her methods depending on the needs of the individual and the topic. My daughter is emotionally growing and learning about personal empowerment, and she feels comfortable and supported by Erica in this growth. As a mom, I truly feel heard and supported by Erica as well. To have this encouragement and support for all our family is a very good feeling that I so desperately needed us to find.”
-A.M. mother of current client 
“I appreciate your helping me find order in chaos and helping me realize I need to be kind to myself.”
-H.L. Current Client